We would like to hear from you!

Since you've come to this page, go ahead and e-mail us with your thoughts, comments, questions, suggestions, etc.  We have a G-mail address associated with the project, and we are also listing a personal Hotmail address in case one or the other doesn’t work:



Also, here are some important links to our friends in Honduras and other useful sites:

www.helpinghonduraskids.org A great group that operates an orphanage, school, and community support projects

www.amigosofhonduras.org Another wonderful organization that supports many projects in Honduras

www.casaderoc.org This is the website of a small Christian organization that operates an orphanage called Casa Cielo for about 20 kids, infants to toddlers.  Formerly they rented their facilities at a financially uncertain location until we sold them 2 1/2 acres at cost. They are currently constructing their permanent buildings while renting in our little neighborhood.

www.omprakash.org We were introduced to this group by three time visitor/volunteer Matt.  It basically helps support small charitable projects such as ours by offering internet space (they kindly allowed us space for a mini website) and tax-exempt status assistance.

www.hondurasmd.org This is the website of our amigo David Black, a physician from the US who has lived in Honduras for many years and runs clinics as well as serving as a kind of project clearing house around La Ceiba.

www.ca-spanish.com The Central American Spanish School, which has been so important to our project           

www.hondurastips.honduras.com The best all-around source for tourist and travel information 

http://hondurasweekly.com/ A Honduran newspaper in English available on-line, though their website has be "under (re)construction for months now

http://adventureinmissions.com The Canadian mission group that opened a clinic in the village of El Cacao in 2009

If you think there might be room in your life to do something different, something meaningful, and something perhaps a little adventurous and out of the ordinary, please consider a trip to Honduras, La Ceiba, and El Cacao- a trip in which you will certainly receive (in smiles and laughter from very appreciative kids) more than you spent!  Thanks again for visiting the website of Las Sonrisas de los Niños, and please return once in a while to follow our progress as our project evolves...there is always a lot of work to do